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Our Bachelor in French

Second YEAR


  • Gain more advanced academic and practical knowledge while increasing your foreign languages proficiency and understanding of current global affairs.
  • Become more efficient, strategic and persuasive thanks to our many workshops involving concrete projects and/or collective role-plays and simulations.
  • Travel and work abroad for 4 months (in Europe, North America and beyond), benefitting from an exclusive opportunity to explore new cultural horizons, and gain more experience while strengthening your CV.



  • In-depth courses of geopolitics, economics and law conducted in English, coupled with the passing of French language proficiency tests from intermediate-to advanced-level (DELF, DALF and/or Voltaire).
  • The conducting of a 4-month internship outside of France, whose setting and objectives will be specially tailored to your travel preferences, your professional projects and your personal ambitions.
  • The creation of a brand-new company by the students, a project they will be completely in charge of and responsible for in terms of creative, managerial, promotional and financial aspects, while working hand in hand with competent professionals in these specific fields.

Climax Education
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