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Promoting International Education: A 5 step process to building partnerships

Partnership is not a posture but a process-a continuous process that grows stronger each year as we devote ourselves to common tasks.

- John F. Kennedy

Building sustainable and strategic partnerships with education experts and agents is a leading priority for our school to promote our international programs, provide opportunities to international students and hence contribute to the promotion of international education. To build its international development strategy, Climax Education has developed communication strategies and a partnership process to forge lasting strategic partnerships with international education agents and consultants.

Education agents: a bridging extension

To implement its programs of international Education, Climax Education has developed a partnership process to collaborate with distinguished international education experts.  For our school, agents and international education consultants are advocates and ambassadors contributing to the promotion of our international education programs and to the advancement of our international development.  Education agents/ agencies that we partner with are our bridging extension allowing our school to convey its mission, values and programs to different education actors within their countries and local markets and to recruit international students committed to follow our programs either in our headquarters in France or through our E-learning platform.

Climax Education is devoted to working with top-level and distinguished experts of international education and we expect our agents/ partners to provide guidance, to integrate the market within their countries, to help our school increase international students’ enrollment promptly and effectively, and to provide a constant support to students throughout the different phases of their application.

Pre-partnership phase: 2 major steps

As a first step to build strategic partnerships with education agents, we implement a dialogue with the agent/ agency through different communication channels to :

  • convey our vision, mission and education programs,
  • learn about the agent’s work methods, education and training objectives, and international recruitment prospects, and to
  • make sure we can collaborate together toward the same objectives and that we adopt common values.

This first step is very important to understand our partners’ local environment, opportunities and challenges and to find adequate strategies and alternatives to fit in that local context. Adapting to local context is also important to ensure our education programs meet local needs and students’ requirements and ambitions in particular.

As a second step, our school proposes to sign an international partnership agreement that details the roles, responsibilities and benefits for both the agent and our school. We then provide the agent with all necessary information and resources to be able to start to promote our education programs and to recruit students within their communities. We remain available to answer any questions they may have. Outreach and follow-up is organized weekly and assessment is planned on a quarterly basis to allow collecting agents’ feedback and insights, evaluating performance and recommending areas of improvement.

Partnership: a 5 step process

Throughout our partnership process, agents play a vital role in recruiting and guiding international students all the way through the different phases of their application and registration process. To better manage our international partnerships with education consultants and agents, Climax Education has developed a strategy process to better explain to our partners steps to follow to launch and implement a successful partnership with our school. This process can be summarized in five steps :

  1. Signing an agreement with the agent/ agency interested to partner with our school. After that the agent’s request is carefully examined by our school to make sure the agent, as a potential partner, is respecting our mission and values and is fully committed to the advancement of international education;
  2. Providing all useful resources to assist agents to start recruitment within their communities;
  3. Receiving and examining applications by our academic faculty members to make sure candidates objectives are meeting our education programs;
  4. Preparing candidates’ offer letters and enrollment documents by our admission office and based on our academic faculty and agents’ recommendations;
  5. Supervising the visa application process and providing support through different education actors and partners within our network.

Climax Education training programs :

To better orient our partners and benefit international students, we provide agents with all necessary information and resources of our education programs that include :

Bachelor program: Climax Education has developed a Bachelor’s Degree in Geopolitics, Economics and Applied Law (180 ECTS Credits), a degree taught in English. This program focuses on professionalization and mobility. It aims to fulfill the high-demands of the current European and international market, and should thus be of interest to the international students. To have more information on our bachelor program please review our 2019-2022 brochure.

E-Learning: Climax Education is now proposing the Bachelor program in Geopolitics, Economics and Applied Law through E-learning. This program is open to all international students. Several advantages are proposed through our E-learning education programs including:

  • Students can study from home and avoid hassle of going through visa application,
  • Students can work and study on a flexible workflow,
  • Students have the possibility to apply for 3 month internship in France,
  • Students will obtain a 180 ECTS credit Bachelor degree,

Executive Education: Climax Education has also launched Executive Education programs that are designed to help students, professionals, companies and organizations develop sustainable strategies and apply innovative solutions to meet business challenges.  Through our programs, professionals and business executives acquire useful and effective methods and techniques in business management, strategic planning and leadership. Our Executive Education includes Training sessions on :

Our Executive Education programs are also dedicated to answer our clients’ requirements by designing customized training programs based on their needs and objectives.

Climax Education has been able to develop significant partnerships in different countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Middle East and we continue our efforts to develop new partnerships. Are you an International Education Agent or agency? Are you committed to advancing international education? Are you interested to partner with our school? We will be thrilled to hear from you and discuss ways to launch a partnership with you. We invite you to get in touch with our school, visit our website to learn more about our school and programs and send your request by email. We will be delighted to examine and answer your training objectives and help you better serve your students and your partner organizations. If you’d like to learn more about our education programs and how we can build together a productive and long-term partnership please contact us today.

About Climax Education: a French private institute for higher education, founded in 2010 by Mr. Laurent Berthet (PhD in Political Science), and specializing in Political Science, Leadership/Management and International Cooperation. Headquartered in Versailles, Climax Education offers courses and seminars in Versailles and Paris as well. Our school collaborates with a distinguished team of professionals, researchers and academic experts to train our students through cutting edge curricula and training programs.

Author : Prepared and Drafted for Climax Education by Widad EL HANAFI, Communication and International Development Manager.

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