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Laurent Berthet is the founder and director of Climax Education. He holds a PhD in political science from the Paris School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS), and a master’s degree from the Grenoble Institute of Political Science. 

He has taught in numerous French universities, Grandes Écoles and political science institutes, including the HEC Paris School of Management, ENSAE ParisTech, the Mines-Telecom Institute, and the University of Chicago. Director of the "Climax" collection at Éditions Vuibert, he is the author of eight political science books, including Tout Sur Sciences Po, 2014, along with numerous academic papers in his areas of expertise.


Maude Corrieras is assistant-director and professor at Climax. She holds a PhD in philosophy from Université Paris-Sorbonne, along with her master's degree from the same institution. She has been teaching contemporary politics, philosophy and literature, along with written composition and oral communication at Climax since 2014. Author of three political science textbooks, she also regularly publishes philosophy books and scientific articles. Fluent in French, English, German and Latin, she is also a trilingual translator, and the founder and publisher of Ipagine Éditions. Passionate about oriental philosophies, she attended during her doctoral studies a twoyear program in Chinese traditional medicine at Université Paris 13.


Horatiu Burcea is academic coordinator and professor at Climax. He holds a PhD in English studies from Université Paris-Sorbonne, along with a master's degree in anthropology from Ball State University. He has taught English and political science at Climax since 2016, alongside his responsibilities as assistant professor in English and anthropology for Université Panthéon-Sorbonne. A trilingual translator and interpreter, his favorite research method is ethnographic fieldwork. He is currently publishing his PhD at Sorbonne University Press, after having received in 2018 the “Best PhD Dissertation of the Year” award from the Society for the Study of Travel Writing in English.


Caroline Collet is administrative assistant at Climax. She holds a master's degree in Spanish and Iberian studies from Université Sophia Antipolis, Nice,and a bachelor's degree in Spanish language and literature from Université Paris Nanterre. 

Bilingual in French and Spanish, and fluent in English, she isalways ready to help and to advise our students according to their administrative and pedagogical needs. Passionate about the conservation and the teaching of Spanish cultural identity and history, she is the president of a local Flamenco association, a fine painter and an art enthusiast.


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