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Our Bachelor in French


A leader today should not be satisfied by merely applying classic rules used by traditional manager. To face the current world, its uncertainties and transformations, and to be effective in the day-to-day management, the true leader should do more than just manage. A leader should anticipate, innovate, be responsive, carry a clear project and a shared vision, implement a positive discourse, give meaning to actions, inspire employees, and back-up the cohesion of teams. This way, teams will in return be more involved and motivated by their leader's value, method and ambitions. In short, the leader of today and tomorrow is a leader-manager, efficient and cooperative, visionary and inclusive, mastering both the complexity and the evolution of a continuously changing world. It is to achieve these objectives, to better identify the characteristics of a leader and to acquire useful and effective methods and techniques of leadership that this unique training "Leadership & Business Management" is offered to you.".


  • To become a role model leader for teams by uniting them around a common and uniting them around a common and coherent vision.
  • To Communicate in a convincing and confident way by encouraging the support of collaborators ;
  • To manage successfully and efficiently by developing the commitment and contribution of your team to fulfill your organization’s mission and achieve its objectives;
  • To master the collective challenges of innovation and its outcomes.

Training Program

  • Leadership and Communication Manager,
  • Team Management,
  • Innovation and Change,
  • Performance and Efficiency.


  • Case studies,
  • Simulation and practical exercises,
  • Role-plays exercises,
  • Group work sessions,
  • Group discussions and Q & A sessions,
  • Real-life experiences shared by experts, CEOs, entrepreneurs ...


  • University students (Bachelor, Master, PhD) in economics, management, business schools, and other organizations and education institutions.
  • Professionals (employees of companies, staff of organizations, independent, etc.) wishing to better know and master their current or future environments and manager in a better way their organizations and projects in the areas of leadership, management and business.
  • People in Professional transition.
  • Prerequisites: B2, C1 or C2 level in English.

Patrimony Visits

Site seeing & patrimony visits whith a tour guide (optional)

2 days (Saturday and Sunday following training) & 1 evening (Saturday evening):

  • Château de Versailles
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Champs Elysees
  • Louvre Museum
  • Bateaux Mouches (in the evening, with meals)


5 Days
35 hours


  • 09/13 - 12/2019
    10/14 - 02/2020
    20/24 - 04/2020
    15/19 - 06/2020


Climax Education Institute


  • Not included but possibility to book accommodation with one of our partners (hotels, campuses, residences, etc.);

Pratical Information

Language :


  • Official certificate will be delivered by Climax Education Institute at the end of the training.

Training € 920

Payable in 1, 3 or 5 times without fees.

    Visits € 330

  • French heritage tours with guide in all inclusive (optional)

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