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Professional experience is vital for getting hired as a graduate – and an internship could be your golden ticket to both. More than one-third of recruiters are unlikely to employ a graduate with no work experience, according to High Fliers Research.

Seb Murray, “An internship could be your golden ticket to a
graduate job,” The Guardian, July 9, 2018.

Internships occupy a major place in our training: they are aimed at allowing you toacquire significant and rewarding professional experience in order to learn-by-doing, to open up to new human and professional horizons and to prepare your future entryinto the job market efficiently, in France, Europe and the rest of the World.

At the end of these three years at Climax, you will have accumulated a total of 12 months of work experience through these different internships.

Paid internships take place in France and/or abroad, except the 2nd year internship, which must take place in a non-French speaking country. You may do all your internships abroad if you so wish. They occur within a company, a public administration or an organization, either French or international, in order to carry out a mission decided jointly by you, Climax and the chosen firm. This mission will be related to your professional project and established by you during your studies.

Each internship, with the help of a personal tutor, will lead to the writing of a report and, at the beginning of the next academic year, a defense presentation in front of a Professor and a professional who are competent in the given field.

To help you find beneficial and fulfilling internships, you may count on individualized advising and benefit from Climax’s professional network, allowing you to be fully accompanied throughout your search, and to obtain accurate answers to your questions and requests.

During your three years of study, you may also follow the Career Planning Workshop, allowing you to learn how to write an impeccable motivation letter and to design attractive CV, how to efficiently look for a job or an internship in the international market, to develop professional and social networking, and to master the computer skills that will be necessary to your career and your job applications.

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