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Our Bachelor in French



  • Integrate a program conducted primarily in English and join the thriving multicultural environment of Paris and Versailles, and a dynamic group of international students, or through E-learning.
  • Discover an interdisciplinary educational method mainly focused on current affairs and partake in valuable workshops aimed at helping you become more efficient, eloquent, organized and serene in order to attain your true potential.
  • Have an engaging and formative work experience thanks to your very first internship.



  • Interdisciplinary courses and modules in English but also (initiatory/intermediate/advanced) lessons in other languages, including French, Spanish, German and Mandarin.
  • Three-month internship in France or abroad allowing you to learn-by-doing and to discover the work environment that is best suited to your ambitions and needs.
  • The creation of a unique non-profit organization (humanitarian, cultural, etc.) by the students, a joint effort with professionals from the very beginning of the year: from early conception, project management, direct application and financing strategy, up to the final launch.

Climax Education
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