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Our Bachelor in French



TO START a path towards a promising future by choosing a high-demand, multilingual and interdisciplinary degree granting you applied skills in geopolitics, economics and international law, a strategic understanding of current global affairs (political, geopolitical and legal news), direct work experience, and the opportunity to create, communicate and learn valuable life-skills in our workshops.


TO LEARN from eminent, enthusiastic and available Professors, offering youinvaluable skills, experience and individualized coaching in order to accomplish your ambitions and to conquer your dreams.


TO THRIVE in an ideal study environment, working in small groups with upto 25 students per class, accomplishing meaningful projects and benefiting from personal development and communication workshops.


TO EXPLORE current affairs and to prepare a bright future by developing the critical skills you need to better understand and tackle global issues.


TO SEEK new challenges and valuable accomplishments, cumulating a total of one year of professional experience in France and abroad through paid internships.


TO ACT decisively and collectively by creating from A to Z a non-profit organization during your first year and a company during your second year, accompanied and advised all along the way by your tutors (Professors and professionals).


TO FIND a job immediately or continue your studies through a Master’s Degree in one of the many fields studied at CLIMAX (University, Institute of Political Studies, Business School, International Relations, School of Journalism, etc.), in France or abroad.


TO DEFEND some of the values that are dearest to you: open-mindedness, tolerance, pragmatism, optimism, environmental sustainability, fairness, freedomand equality.


TO OBTAIN a high-demand Bachelor’s Degree, along with the applied skills, experience and self-confidence you need to pursue your ambitions and boost your employability.


TO BENEFIT from this investment in the long term but also immediately, thanks to numerous paid internships, various deferred payment plans, loans with preferential rates, along with decreased tuition fees which may be up to 50%, depending on your personal situation.

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