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Our Bachelor in French


This Bachelor’s Degree (180 ECTS) embodies the vision and the high standards of Climax Education: it fulfils the specific needs of international and interdisciplinary students who aim to acquire work experience and a critical understanding of global affairs while accomplishing meaningful projects and initiatives.

Immersed in a vibrant cultural environment, our students gain precious knowledge but also professional practice through many internships in France and all over Europe, along with an enjoyable, efficient and accessible linguistic training.

Thanks to numerous workshops, they take part in innovative projects, such as junior entrepreneurship programs, creative media production, journalistic reporting, marketing strategy, coupled with the creation of a unique non-profit organization and that of a company.

Most of our courses are taught in English by native or bilingual teachers. Beginnerand intermediate-level classes in French are also provided, along with optional courses in Spanish, German, and Mandarin, among other languages.


The focus on global news has a major place in our curriculum, from geopolitical analysis to the critical study of the latest economic trends, along with the evaluation of recent political and legislative action in European and international affairs.

Our objective is to allow students to better understand and position themselves in relation to today’s information flows, the here and now of international affairs, to better comprehend but also to participate in social, economic and political transformation.


Modern, efficient and intellectually stimulating, Climax Education’s unique approach to learning focuses first and foremost on practical application.

Our professors are real actors (not pure theory teachers), and their aim is to train our students to become doers themselves, to make a real difference.

From political science to marketing, from international law to Cultural Studies, the primary goal is always the real-life impact of education and its concrete applicability.


Based on targeted research on today’s most sought-after skillsets, our curriculum is precisely tailored to meet the specific needs of the European and international job market.

It aims to ensure that our graduates acquire fulfilling and profitable employment at the end of our training, or alternatively have the opportunity to join a wide array of Master’s Degrees for furthering their education and specialization.


Climax Education’s teachers are selected among eminent French and European scholars – having obtained their PhDs from its finest Political Science Institutes, Business Schools and/or Universities.

Authors of numerous publications in their fields of expertise, most of them are multilingual and have international careers.

Always available and enthusiastic, they know how to bring out the best in their students. Their qualifications, dedication and generosity are no doubt our most precious asset.


French educational institutions are globally renowned for their excellence and outstanding standards, but also benefit from having up-to-date, flexible and open approaches.

We aim to perpetuate these illustrious traditions, while also integrating a more modern, international, and interdisciplinary method of teaching, helping our students to embrace the past while conquering the present, creating a perfect environment where they may gain consistency and focus, while being able to adapt, collaborate, lead and create


Through their participation in our numerous workshops, students are involved in a wide variety of impact-oriented projects: from entrepreneurship programs to creative media production and field research, from marketing campaigning to the creation of their own NGO and a  company. In order to accomplish these missions, they will have to develop solution-oriented strategies while applying their practical understanding of socio-cultural, political and economic factors and agents. These accomplishments do not only bring precious know-how and professional experience, but also greatly boost their ultimate employability.


Research on the requirements of European multinational companies (CEMS) has shown that “the mastery of foreign languages and intimate understanding of foreign cultures is an essential asset of any prospective career.”

Our students fully understand this necessity and this is why we train that to become fully proficient not only in English but also in French, Spanish, German and/or Mandarin thanks to efficient and enjoyable learning methods.



Because being a better student also means becoming a better human being, and because education also involves self-expression, well-being and personal development, students also receive personalized coaching and are invited to take part in many role-playing activities aimed at boosting their communication skills, better managing stress and teaching them valuable strategies and life skills.


Situated a few steps away from the Royal Palace of Versailles, Climax Education offers a unique opportunity to work and study in a cosmopolitan environment and a culturally rich location that is both inspiring, peaceful, and comfortable, while allowing quick and easy access to the vibrant center of Paris.


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